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Highlight Identification

Request specific events for video capture or let the AI do the work

Automated Video Replay Generation

Immediately play back the best gameplay moments for your players

Social Graph

Enable in-game social interactions to build communities

Intelligent Content Surfacing

Feature the right content at the right time


Engine support: Unity (additional ports available as part of the custom solution)
Platform support: iOS and Android (additional platforms available as part of the custom solution)
Notifications for active users and video generation usage.


Baseline API: AI event analysis
Manual event specification for video capture
Playthrough scoring (coming soon)

Video Capture & Publishing

Video tagging
SD video recording
HD video recording
Sound recording
Dedicated camera recording
Custom MP3 soundtracks


CSS-based customization
Video preview
Video edit tuning
Video publishing
Video feed
System share support

Social Graph APIs

List notifications: likes, followers, and comments
Player lists: followers and following
Video likes, comments, and resharing
Video list: likes, comments, and reshares
Video search
Player usernames
Player avatars
Player profile bios
Player profile video feed
Player profile video feed modification: edit captions and delete videos
System share
Player authentication: regenerating tokens
Player authentication: non-expiring tokens

Admin Dashboard

Upload and manage custom CSS templates
Get player tokens
View current usage: number of monthly active users and videos generated
Video moderation (coming soon)